The lungs of Daniela

The lungs of Daniela

Daniela started smoking at a very young age when her parents were getting divorced. Every argument in the house, every shout, every broken plate was paid for by her lungs. None of her parents forced her to quit the vice; they had already done enough with her.

When she turned 33, she decided to quit smoking and start a family. Mentally, she was prepared, but her lungs were a disaster. Luckily, her doctor was quite positive. —The lung cells will completely regenerate, and you will see improvements in a few months— he said optimistically.

Unfortunately, after a couple of years, her lungs were the same or worse. Besides, she couldn't find an ideal candidate to procreate. That's when she contacted Alejandra's mother, who is a witch (the mother is the witch, not Alejandra; witch as in a sorceress, not a bad person). —You have to eat a raw onion every day, it can be in a salad or blended, but it's better if you eat it pure. In three weeks, you'll have a new respiratory system— the witch mentioned after a somewhat improvised ritual.

I don't know anything about Daniela anymore; her breath is unbearable, and nobody can talk to her. Alejandra told me she was sad because her father was going to have a baby with his new girlfriend. —Oh, damn! Now, surely not all the onions in the world will save those lungs— I said.

—What worries me is her heart— she replied.

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