Eternal dirt

Eternal dirt

After a stormy argument with her husband, Alina stormed out into the street. She was as furious as she was sad, but she knew that living with hatred in her heart was not a good idea. She felt like crying but didn't want anyone to see her, so she grabbed an old broom and started sweeping the street.

She swept the street with anger, thinking about her foolish husband. The broom bore the brunt of her memories' fury; the bad times turned into dust and dirt that scattered everywhere. Eventually, the entrance of her house was shining clean, but the sorrows didn't leave, so she started sweeping the rest of the block. The neighbors didn't understand the spectacle, but they also didn't want to intrude, knowing it was better to keep a healthy distance from family fights.

As the anger persisted, Alina ended up sweeping the entire city, turning the broom into a mere stick. But that didn't stop her, and the day came when she had swept the whole world. All the dirt from the planet formed an immense mountain. When there was nothing left to sweep, Alina drew a smile and then climbed up the mountain of garbage and fine soil. When she reached the top, she burst into laughter, meaning she died for real. Once her happy body fell, the mountain disintegrated into a dust storm that engulfed the planet.

—You can sweep your house all day, every day, and the next day it will always be a little dirtier— my grandmother used to tell her daughter. —It's not dust; it's Alina's sorrows that will never go away—

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