Raul Leaño Martinet


I am a bolivian web developer and designer based in Lyon, France.

I have a passion for the world of web design and development. I have been working for over 10 years creating websites on almost all the platforms possible.

Having worked in different fields related to illustration, media, advertising and graphic design, currently I am focused on discovery of new technologies. My main expertise is in the LAMP environment and JS development.

I am very flexible and I can go from a simple WordPress site to a complex CakePHP framework. I also have a background in graphic design, what is very handy when I need to integrate drafts and sketches into proper responsive websites.

For a more complete description of my work experience please visit my LinkedIn page.

If you are interested on meeting me to discuss some potential projects, please contact me at info@leanomartinet.com.


Thanks for reading.

* Yes, I know that I sell myself as an experienced web developer and this is just a plain HTML/CSS page... I guess it means that my whole effort goes for my clients.