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kelly watch the stars

just some boredom experience

red is the color of my mind





illustrations for the book lapiz.org http://www.lapiz.org

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TXTnein ready!!

25 January, 2011

Finally the new TXTnein website is online. Please post your comments at www.txtnein.com

finally the new website is ready

20 August, 2010

and now...

well i have to finish the new TXTnein website


i am leaño from the paternal side of my life and martinet from the maternal
i was born a bunch of years ago in the very high city of la paz, bolivia
since i can recall, i have tried to devote most of my time to visual arts.

i began doing editorial illustrations for children's
and eventually ended up learning about graphic design
i have a systems engineering training
so i decided to mix a little what I do
and that's why right now i dedicate myself to web design in france.

most of my work is done for www.plasticwebs.net
although occasionally
i participate in publications or projects related to art or illustration.

i belong to the bolivian community of illustrators lapiz.org
right now i'm taking up a project for the digital magazine txtnein.com

if you want to read more about me
you can download my partial CV on the following links:

[CV english] [CV français] [CV español]


to contact in reference to a project or to request an estimate for any graphic or web service please send an email with as much information as possible to info@leanomartinet.com